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Sunday, September 6, 2009

August 2009 Update!

Well, football is going full speed ahead at the Pike house. High school, youth league, and college football are are going strong. It has been a crazy month around here with everybody trying to get in the swing of a new school year and get back on football time. Crazy schedules all around.

St. Clair County 2 -0, (1-0 in region)
Pell City High School 0-2, (0-1 in region)
Pell City Gold (Riley) 0-1

Alabama 1-0
Mississippi State 1-0

Things could be better but they could be worse.

Katy also finally started to school, and then she had to miss the whole second week because she was running a fever all week. She is in the penguin class, so Lulu made us a penguin dress for the first day of school.

Hopefully we will all feel better this month.